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Expert IT Support

Are tech issues driving you up the wall?

Trying to find and fix IT problems can be a real time-sap on your day, and the last thing you want to do is make things worse. You don’t know what you don’t know, and this is where it helps to have expert troubleshooters on your side.

We believe your IT should work for you – not against you. And like any other tool, computers need regular attention to keep them tuned so they can perform at their best for you.

Our experts can get your Apps and operating systems up to date, make sure your systems are performing well, and get your endpoint protection working as it should to keep your business systems protected.

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IT Support Solutions

If you come up against IT issues we’re fast to find solutions.


Hardware support

If you run into hardware issues such as a laptop that won’t switch on, or you can’t get the Wi-Fi working on your devices, we can help identify and diagnose the problem to help you get back up and running. If it can’t be fixed with our support, we can point you to a repair specialist or procure replacement parts so you don’t have to.

Ongoing Maintenance

Proactive & cost-effective tailored support

Having IT systems continually monitored and optimised in the background is a cost-effective solution for many businesses in the long run. By keeping your systems healthy we prevent costly issues – checking for and applying patches to your operating systems and Apps, and keeping your endpoint protection up to date.

One-off Projects

Systems infrastructure implementation

Have a project that you need help implementing or installing? With a well-defined scope and timeline, we can help you achieve your IT goals with complete ease. Whatever your IT setup, we have the specialist skills to take on the jobs even your own tech team would prefer to outsource – just get in touch.

Marksmen IT Guarantee

IT issues call for a responsive IT service partner you can rely on. This is where we show up.

Fast response

We get back to you within the day (often within the hour) – not weeks!

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360° Managed IT Solution

Simple Monthly Flat Fee

Simple set up, set and forget

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Get in touch today and let us take away the hassle of IT.

We’ve brought enterprise-class knowledge and solutions to our clients for over 20 years. You can trust us to solve your IT issues fast.

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