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Maximise your business potential with Microsoft Office 365 managed IT services.

One flat monthly fee – no hidden extras

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Is it time for a business IT system that works?

We’re talking systems security and reliability you can depend on.
Features and functionality that boost productivity (instead of draining it).
A working day free from the frustrations of having to find and fix tech issues.

As a business owner, we know you have your hands full.
And we know you’ve got better things to do with your time.
Leave the tech to us.


Our experts get you set up, mapped out, and manage all your essential IT for streamlined efficiency.
We’ve got all bases covered.

Office 365 set-up and onboarding

Whether you’re a Microsoft Office 365 user or making the switch, we get your teams up and running in no time with a full Office 365 set-up and onboarding process.

A dedicated IT professional

One point of contact gives you a personalised end-to-end service delivery. Combined with a lightning fast response time and you know you’re in reliable hands.

Managed IT security

We work diligently behind the scenes to proactively manage your systems, keeping them running with the most up-to-date security features.

WordPress website hosting and security

Enjoy fast and reliable WordPress website hosting with up to x2 domains, and eliminate the costs and hassles of slow, external hosting providers.

Managed backup solutions, support and training

We manage all your cloud updates and backups, so your systems can be quickly restored in the event of data loss or systems failure. If you come up against issues we’re quick to find solutions – just give us a call.

Fully integrated productivity Apps and tools

With the powerful advantages of Microsoft 365 at your fingertips, you can streamline workflows, collaborate with teams, and boost productivity like never before.

Stay focused where it counts

You know your business like we know IT. And we take a proactive approach to cyber threat and security to keep your data and systems safe.

If you’re not fully protected it’s easy for issues to slip under the radar, and smaller problems often escalate into costly bigger ones.

This is where we take the pressure off your shoulders. We know what we’re looking for and we have the expertise to find and fix issues before they become disruptive to your business.

With MarksmenPro_3.6.5 whether it’s a 2 hour fix or 20 hour fix, it’s all covered in your monthly fee. Unlike other remote managed IT services that charge for the hours on top.

Why choose remote managed IT services?

It’s a cost-effective approach to tightening security and streamlining operations, giving you complete freedom from IT to focus on core business.

✓ Improved security and systems reliability
✓ Strategic IT planning
✓ Access to advanced technologies
✓ Disaster recovery and business continuity assurance
✓ Improved compliance and risk management

Don’t wait until something goes wrong.
Take control of your business IT systems today.

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“We have been working with Marksmen IT since 2020. We started with them as we needed to consolidate our domains and emails to align our brands digitally.

We had signed up to everything using GoDaddy thinking it was easy and cheap but all it did was cause headaches.

After fixing that for us, Marksmen IT has been managing our IT ever since.

My favourite part of the service is when we need to onboard new staff.

All I do is give Marksmen IT the new employee details and they ensure that they have a computer completely set up and ready to go from day 1.

No hassle just ready to go with everything working and none of that first week IT jitters that is so common in organisations.

I can’t recommend Marksmen IT enough for anyone who is looking for someone to take away all the headaches of managing their own IT.”

Stanley Henry, General Manager

Stanley Henry, General Manager

The Attention Seeker


Get endpoint security with Ransomware Protection

Catch and kill phishy emails before they hit your inbox with Email Gateway

Never get caught out with forgotten passwords with a Password Manager

Keep your data safe across computer devices with Device Encryption

Ongoing updates,
maintenance and training

Avoid costly downtime with fast, up-to-date systems

Retrieve lost online data with managed backup solutions

Get remote training for your teams to get them up to speed with the tools

IT helpdesk available
8am to 6pm weekdays

Microsoft Office 365
productivity tools

Avoid double handling data with fully integrated software

Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access

Work from anywhere with cloud hosted Microsoft Office Apps – desktop, mobile or online

Get enterprise-grade email service with 50 GB mailbox storage

Collaborate online via video call and chat with Teams

Sync emails, calendars and contacts across all devices

1,000 GB cloud storage for all your data

Smooth Operation

How it works

It’s typical to sign up for all sorts of software subscriptions when you start up a business. Before you know it, you’re paying for a collection of island solutions that don’t talk to each other and you’re spending considerable money for something that isn’t serving your business as efficiently as it could.

For one fixed monthly fee, you can streamline your entire business with MarksmenPRO_3.6.5.

With over 35 productivity apps and tools in your arsenal, you have access to all the functionality and capabilities you’re already using, but with the efficiency of one interface in a single managed IT solution.

What’s included

  • Microsoft Office 365 set-up and productivity suite (licences included)
  • 1:1 responsive support with a dedicated IT professional
  • Remote managed IT services
  • Managed backup solutions and support
  • Managed IT security
  • WordPress website hosting x2 managed domains

*Pricing based on number of users on a 12 month commitment*

Get in touch for a customised quote for your team.

Get a quote

Ideal for

✓ 5-25 users
✓ Microsoft Suite users – or those ready to migrate across
✓ Windows operating systems
✓ Business owners looking for freedom from the frustrations of IT

Not suited for

× 25+ users
× Google Suite dies hard
× Mac users
× Business owners who want to troubleshoot themselves

Marksmen IT Guarantee

IT issues call for a responsive IT service partner you can rely on. This is where we show up.

Fast response

We get back to you within the day (often within the hour) – not weeks!

Full service

Whether it’s a 2 hour job or 200 hours, you still only pay the monthly fee – no hidden surprises

We’ve managed IT departments in large enterprise environments, and launched and run IT businesses across New Zealand and Europe for over 20 years.

MarksmenPRO_3.6.5 offers your business the same level of security and stability demanded by large enterprises, at a budget friendly cost that makes sense.

Zoltan, IT Hitman

“Working with Zoltan has taken a lot of stress out of our life with all things IT.

Since becoming a client it’s been such a relief to have someone we can call who is reliable, fast to respond and takes care of us, and most of all incredibly patient.

I am a people person and should spend my time doing what I do best, NOT getting frustrated or spending time on IT stuff. Zoltan has years of experience and he is so willing to take the time to solve anything big or small, and always goes above and beyond what we pay him for.

I can’t recommend him enough to have people focus on their business not their IT!”

Drew Knowles, Vice President

Drew Knowles, Vice President

Influential U


Pricing is based on the total number of users, and whether there are local / overseas users to account for. Get in touch for a customised quote for your business today.

All pricing is based on a 12 month commitment, paid in one ongoing monthly fee – no additional onboarding fee or initial fix-up project fee surprises!

Yes. All licenses are included in your monthly payment.

You can upgrade with additional users at any time, but due to pre-purchased licences we are unable to downgrade you mid-plan.

We remotely update, manage and optimise your systems in stealth mode, so there’s no disruption to your day.

1. Get in touch for a customised quote to find out if it’s a good business fit for you
2. We’ll get the proposal and paperwork signed off
3. You’ll be assigned your own IT hitman
4. Together you’ll launch into the discovery onboarding process
5. Get complete freedom from the tech as we optimise and manage your systems for maximum security and efficiency


Ready for managed IT systems and security of a whole new calibre?

Get complete freedom from the tech with managed IT services NZ

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