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Managed Backup for Microsoft 365

A crashed drive, missing emails, corrupted data or accidentally deleted files?

Chances are one of these things has happened to you at least once. But when it comes to business, it can have detrimental impacts. Cloud backups are an insurance policy against these situations. Hopefully you’ll never need it, but if you do we’ve got you covered.

We provide Office 365 backup so that if you ever misplace or have your laptops stolen, or your systems are corrupted by a virus, your data’s not lost forever.


Office 365 Backup Solutions

Our Office 365 backup service offers quick and speedy data recovery when things haven’t gone to plan.

Yes – cloud data still needs backups!

Here’s why…

The common misconception with cloud services is, just because your data’s stored in the cloud, it must be retrievable (not always). Cloud services provide the tools to manipulate your data, but retaining your data is your responsibility. Without regular backups, if the data is deleted it’s usually gone for good.

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Much more than just emails

Office 365 is designed to host emails and data, but restoring data from the backup included is cumbersome and retention is limited.
We offer a dedicated Microsoft Office 365 backup solution, which backs up not only Outlook emails, but SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams as well. We protect all these applications so you don’t have to rely solely on Microsoft’s recovery operations.

Cloud Backup

Your data stays in NZ

We understand how important it is that you know exactly where your data’s held, and who has access to it. Our servers are hosted in New Zealand and not one bit of information leaves the country. Every one of our clients has their own sealed backup repository, so there’s no potential for any unwanted access. Get active backup for Microsoft 365 for ultimate peace of mind.

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