Support and Maintenance

Friend or Foe?

We believe IT should be easy and help the business. Computers are amazingly powerful, but like any other tools, computers need the regular attention to keep them tuned so they can give their best to you.

Break Fix or Ongoing Maintenance

Different teams have different preferences. Some like getting in touch with IT only when something goes wrong, while others like things happen continuously in the background. No matter what your preference is, we got you covered.

Tasks that are Easy to Forget About

There are many aspects of managing a computer that can easily fall off the radar. How often do you check for and apply patches to the operating system and applications? Is your endpoint protection up-to-date? Does your firewall run the latest firmware? Your priority is to run your business, not a support function, IT, of it.

Our services are designed with this in mind. All include the essentials, to keep you running

  • Weekly patching of operating system and applications
  • Monitoring
  • Endpoint protection

Every Business is Unique

No two businesses are the same and as a result, the requirements are also very different. We work with you to tailor the service to your needs. Get in touch today and let us take away the hassle of IT.